Corporate Governance

Infigen Energy – Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Infigen Energy is committed to responsible corporate governance and has implemented a Diversity & Inclusion Policy as part of its corporate governance framework, in accordance with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

Infigen respects and values the competitive advantage of diversity and the potential benefits of its integration throughout the business, including enriching Infigen’s perspective, improving corporate performance, increasing shareholder value, and enhancing the probability of the achievement of Infigen’s objectives.

We respect those differences that people bring to the organisation that have an influence on individual identities and perspectives; including gender, ethnicity, religious or cultural background, age, sexuality, disability and family responsibilities.

We endeavour to ensure a workplace culture that encourages and promotes diversity throughout all parts of the business.  Ensuring a positive workplace culture in relation to diversity will assist, attract, retain and motivate employees from the widest possible pool of available talent. Employees benefit from exchanging ideas and learning from each other in order to capture the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that each of our employees bring to the workplace.

Consistent with our organisational values and strategic goals, Infigen values and manages diversity by:

  • facilitating equal employment opportunities based on relative ability, performance and potential;
  • building and maintaining a safe work environment by taking action against inappropriate workplace and business behaviour, such as discrimination, victimisation, harassment and bullying;
  • developing flexible work practices to meet the differing needs of employees at all levels and at different stages of their life cycle in the context of business requirements and domestic responsibilities;
  • attracting and retaining a skilled and diverse workforce as an employer of choice;
  • enhancing market reputation through a workforce that respects and reflects the diversity of our business partners, suppliers, clients and customers;
  • making a positive contribution to the economic, social and educational well-being of the communities in which we operate;
  • ensuring the decision-making process provides opportunity for a diversity of views to be considered, leading to improved teamwork, productivity and more robust outcome; and
  • creating an inclusive workplace culture that is pleasant for employees to work in and conducive to good workplace relations.

Infigen will develop strategies, initiatives and programs to promote diversity, including meeting its obligations with respect to the issue of gender diversity, as required under the ASX Principles. In particular, Infigen will set measurable objectives for the strategies, initiatives and programs to achieve gender diversity.

Management will regularly seek input from all employees to help define the meaning and value of diversity as it relates to Infigen. Processes will be put in place to monitor, review and report to the IFN Boards (via the IEL Nomination and Remuneration Committee) on diversity within Infigen.

Ways in which Infigen develops and promotes diversity include a combination of:

  • leadership and cultural programs;
  • employee surveys and focus groups;
  • employee networks;
  • where possible, assist employees with flexible practices to accommodate special domestic responsibilities;
  • HR policies, systems and processes especially in relation to performance management and professional development;
  • sponsorships and participation in community events;
  • effective internal communications and awareness campaigns; and
  • establishing measurable objectives regarding gender diversity.

It is acknowledged that in order to have a properly functioning diverse workplace, discrimination, harassment, vilification and victimisation cannot and will not be tolerated by the Board or management.


The IFN Boards are responsible for establishing and monitoring Infigen’s overall Diversity & Inclusion Policy and strategy, including approving any material changes to the policy.  To assist the IFN Boards, the IEL Nomination & Remuneration Committee will:

  • establish and monitor implementation of the diversity strategy within Infigen;
  • set measurable objectives regarding gender diversity;
  • monitor progress against the diversity objectives and the continuing appropriateness of those objectives, at least annually;
  • include gender diversity objectives in IFN Board recruitment, IFN Board performance evaluation and succession planning processes; and
  • report to the IFN Boards in relation to the above matters.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible to the IEL Nomination & Remuneration Committee for the implementation of the Diversity & Inclusion Policy and strategy within Infigen. The Human Resources Manager of Infigen will be responsible for keeping this policy under review and for ensuring it is updated as circumstances warrant.