Corporate Governance

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

The Board of Infigen Energy Limited (IEL) has established a Nomination & Remuneration Committee. This Committee has a majority of independent Committee members and the Chairman of the Committee is independent.

The Board and the Nomination & Remuneration Committee have adopted a Charter for the Committee.  The duties and responsibilities of the Committee as outlined in the Charter are as follows:

Nomination & Succession

  • Assess the skills required to competently discharge the Board’s obligations considering the strategic direction of Infigen Energy;
  • Review potential candidates for appointment to the Board;
  • Provide confirmation of the Directors to retire annually by rotation; and
  • Have oversight of the Board’s annual performance evaluation process.


  • Monitor and recommend the level of remuneration for Directors, as well as approve the public reporting of Director remuneration; and
  • Provide advice in relation to the level of remuneration for KMP’s, as well as approve the public reporting of remuneration for the KMP’s.

Assist IERL

  • At the request of the Board of Infigen Energy RE Limited (IERL), from time to time carry out similar activities for IERL as the Committee is authorised to carry out for IEL, and provide relevant advice/recommendations to the Board of IERL.
  • Other matters incorporated within the Charter of the Committee include the authority of the Committee, composition of the Committee, and the meeting/procedural requirements of the Committee.

The full document is available to view here: Nomination & Remuneration Committee Charter.