Answers Blowing in the Wind at Woodlawn

30 November 2012

To celebrate New South Wales’ first Renewable Energy Day and raise awareness about renewable energy Infigen Energy hosted an open day at its Woodlawn wind farm.

More than 350 people attended the open day and had the opportunity to quell their curiosity about renewable energy through talking to the wind farm developer and host landowners, touring the wind farm and viewing the inside of a wind turbine.

“Our open days are about experiencing wind farms first hand – seeing them in action and hearing them operate. They are also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the regional as well as global benefits of renewable energy – ranging from local employment to addressing climate change. We value and promote this kind of transparency to assist informing what are at times uniformed or misleading statements regarding renewable energy or wind farms specifically,” said Geoff Dutaillis, COO of Infigen Energy, who attended the open day.

Renewable energy educationOpen day visitors were surveyed about the sound generated by the wind farm and their general opinion about wind farms.

The majority of the respondents would like to see more wind farms built and a third of the respondents indicated they would like to hear more information about renewable energy.

None of the respondents considered the sound generated by the wind turbines to be an issue, with wind speeds between 10 to 14 metres per second during the day.

Photos of the day can be viewed on Infigen’s Facebook page and Flickr page