Dutch Choreographer Gathering Storm in Small Town of Bungendore

22 March 2013

Wind farms are not the only thing common between The Netherlands and the small town of Bungendore.

A professional Dutch choreographer Janine Proost has spent six weeks during February and March working with primary school children of Bungendore and Tarago, NSW, to prepare them to perform at the Gathering Storm concert. The concert is part of the Four Elements festival to be held in Bungendore on Sunday, 24 March.

“In the first session the students explored each of the four elements – water, air, fire and earth – through movement, sound, tactile objects and discussion. Together we discovered the important role the four elements play in our lives and we experienced the different qualities of movement the elements inspire,” explained Janine Proost of her first class.

“From session two onwards each group has been focussing on one element, working towards a choreography which they will perform at the festival. I am very impressed with the students’ involvement so far. They are highly focussed in class, they come with creative suggestions for the choreography, and they practice in their own time!”

“The teachers at both schools have been very supportive of the project. They are particularly impressed with the boys who have never done anything like this before and are really giving it a go,” she said.

Janine has created several short works, which have been performed at theatres and alternative locations in The Netherlands, England and Denmark. Janine has been involved in several youth projects including programs for ‘at-risk youth’ and the establishment of a dance school for expat children in The Hague.

The Four Elements festival began on 14 March and culminates on Sunday, 24 March, with a concert program, which includes the festival participant student dancers and tutors – Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, Jyh Shyong Wong, Kyoko Sato and Janine Proost – as well as Taiwan contemporary dance groups MAD Theater and Dancecology.

“Winds permitting, we can also expect to see a flock of fliers from the ACT Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association during the afternoon,” said the Festival organiser Barbie Robinson.For more information on Facebook




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