Energy Transition Leadership Forum

29 April 2016

Mr Miles George, Managing Director of Infigen Energy, has joined in the establishment of the Australian Energy Transition Leadership Forum.

The Forum brings together seventeen prominent Australians from business, academia and the community to prepare a roadmap for a clean energy transition. The Forum is an initiative of the Australian Conservation Foundation and is being hosted by the University of NSW.

At the inaugural meeting of the Forum the members committed to producing a roadmap for a rapid transition to clean energy in Australia.

Forum members recognise the significant dangers and disruptions to Australia that are already occurring and that will worsen as the globe continues to warm. The forum members accept the science of climate change and the evidence that the way energy is produced and consumed is a fundamental driver of global warming, and that a fair and just transition to clean energy is essential for Australia’s future.

If Australia is to honour the international commitments made at the climate negotiations in Paris last year, all of those in leadership roles must contribute to tackling the problem of pollution from energy production in Australia.

Without a national plan to transition from emissions intensive energy to clean energy, the growth of clean energy in Australia will stagnate and Forum members fear the nation’s contribution to international greenhouse pollution will continue to rise.

The forum will develop a blueprint for energy transition in Australia that is in the best interests of the Australian community, economy and environment; it will offer this evidence based plan for transition to political decision makers.

To assist the next Australian government in leading the energy transition, the forum will produce the blueprint within 100 days of the upcoming federal election.

The Forum’s media release including a list of Forum members is here.



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