Infigen Builds a Wildlife Corridor for generations to come

1 September 2011

Laura-Dunphy---Development-Manager---website-version-c2f8f4e1-cb75-49c9-b054-0aae8437a27d-0-222x180The construction of Infigen’s 48.3 MW Woodlawn Wind Farm is now in its final stages. The wind farm will provide enough renewable electricity to power approximately 23,000 homes for at least 25 years. Prior to the construction phase, Infigen Energy worked with local contractors to minimise disturbance to the remaining native habitat and developed plans to repair and enhance the landscape. Extensive work was carried out on-site to rehabilitate the land.

While the first electricity generation into the grid for testing purposes was made in mid-June, Infigen Energy, Aurecon and Suzlon teams rolled up their sleeves to plant 1,000 trees and shrubs on the host’s (Veolia Environmental Services) ‘Pylara Farm’.

Each plant species was selected and grown by local horticulturalist and nursery owner, Jason Campbell, to contribute to native biodiversity and build a wildlife corridor giving shelter and food for animals in years to come. Jason runs the local organic Thorndale Nursery in Bungendore.

Infigen Energy is committed to building close relations with local tradesmen and businesses and currently spends approximately $3 million p.a. in the local economy. This is set to increase as future plans, such as the proposed Capital Solar Farm, are realised.