Infigen welcomes project approval for proposed Capital 2 Wind Farm

3 November 2011

Infigen Energy is pleased to receive Project Approval from the NSW Planning Assessment Commission for the proposed Capital 2 wind farm, subject to the conditions of consent. The proposed project will consist of 41 wind turbines.

Capital 2 wind farm would form a significant addition to Infigen’s existing Capital Renewable Energy Precinct. The precinct currently consists the Capital wind farm (140.7 MW) and Woodlawn wind farm (48.3 MW). Project Approval for a proposed Capital solar farm (50 MW) was also received in December 2010.

Infigen’s extensive community consultation process, combined with the community engagement undertaken in developing the Capital Renewable Energy Precinct, has led to strong local support for the project. The development of the Capital 2 wind farm would lead to significant investment in the regional economy.

Construction of Capital 2 wind farm could improve economies of scale for Infigen’s operations in the area, thereby reducing operating costs on a per megawatt basis.

A final investment decision for Capital 2 wind farm is yet to be considered by the Board of Infigen Energy Limited.

For further information please contact:
Richard Farrell, Investor Relations Manager
Tel +61 2 8031 9900