Letter to securityholders

14 May 2014

Dear Securityholder

In early 2014 the Federal Government announced a review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) that supports the renewable energy industry in Australia.  The Government called for submissions by 5pm this Friday, 16 May 2014.

Your support is important.

Infigen encourages all stakeholders, including investors, to take a proactive approach to the review and make a submission to the review panel. Your support can make a difference in helping policy-makers understand the broad economic benefits that renewable energy delivers.

Your submission could be a simple statement that you are an investor in a renewable energy company and that you support the current 41,000 GWh target or you could detail some of the key benefits such as:

  • The Large-scale Renewable Energy Target does not materially increase electricity bills
  • Renewable energy underpins our electricity generation future
  • The Large-scale Renewable Energy Target creates investment and jobs
  • Reducing the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target manifests sovereign risk in relation to investments in Australia

You can lodge a submission online at or email

Infigen will be making a public submission to the review panel and it will be available on our website.

Thank you for your ongoing support.