Newsletter, August 2016

15 August 2016

Best Practice published by the National Wind farm commissioner

The Department of Environment and Energy appointed Mr Andrew Dyer as the National Wind Farm Commissioner in November 2015 to receive and refer complaints from concerned community residents about wind farms, as well as promote best practices for industry and government to adopt in regard to the planning and operation of wind farms.

The Commissioner met with Infigen’s Managing Director Miles George and members of Infigen’s development and communication teams. Mr Dyer outlined the criteria and processes for handling complaints received by the Commissioner’s Office. Infigen briefed the Commissioner on the implementation of its formal Complaints Handling Policy.

In June 2016 the Commissioner released the “Wind Farm Complaint Handling Bulletin” that sets out practices for the industry to consider and adopt at planned and operating wind farms. These recommendations include a user-friendly website with information about the process, improved contact methods, and distribution of information via communications materials and media engagement. Infigen is committed to implementing recommendations Infigen briefed the Commissioner on its formal Complaints Handling Policy and how it is put into practice. You can view the Commissioner’s website for more information.

July 2016 Capital Community Committee meeting minutes

Successful applicants

The Capital Community Committee turns three in September 2016. Over this period the Committee has approved over $130,000 to sponsor projects for the benefit of the Bungendore and Tarago communities.

The Committee met on 21 July 2016 at the Woodworks Café in Bungendore to review four applications, and approved $8,500 for:

  • Bungendore Rodeo in support of hampers
  • Bungendore Pony Club in support of a new cross-country jump course that the local community can use

The next quarterly review will take place in September 2016. You can submit your sponsorship application for the Capital Community Fund here.

What is the sponsorship application process?

  1. Application: tell us about your project by giving details of the community project plan in the online application form.
  2. Committee review: all applications are reviewed by the Capital Community Committee.
  3. Decision and funding: Committee’s decision is communicated to all applicants, and funds transferred to successful applicants.
  4. Project and review: the launch of your project and evaluation.

Other questions

There were no concerns raised in relation to the proposed Capital 2 wind farm or Infigen’s operating Capital and Woodlawn wind farms at the Capital Community Committee meeting in July 2016. If you wish to take part in the meetings of the Capital Community Committee, please express your interest by contacting us here or calling (02) 8031 9908.

Have things to say?

If you have things you would like to share with Infigen about our community engagement practices, fill in the online survey here.

 To make a formal complaint, please contact the dedicated Operations Control Centre complaints line at (02) 8031 9947, email here or write to:

FAO Complaints Committee

Infigen Energy

Level 22, 56 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.


A visit by the medical students of the ANU

ANU visit to the Capital wind farm

About the visit Mrs Andrea Jou said, “I was surprised that while there were several questions around the financial requirements of building wind farms, project returns, and how much landowners receive from leasing their land, there was not a single question about health issues.”A group of around 70 medical students of the Australian National University (ANU) and members of the Australian Wind Alliance visited the Capital wind farm on 18 August 2016. Kym Dodd, the Site Manager, and Andrea Jou, the Development Manager of the proposed second extension of the Capital wind farm (Capital 2), showed the visitors around in the spot previously visited by two former Australian Prime Ministers.

The next opportunity to visit the wind farm is on the Australian Wind Farm Open Day on Sunday, 16 October 2016, when Infigen hosts Run with the Wind 2016. There is no ticket fee for kids aged under 12 to enter the race or to anyone who does not want to participate in the fun run.

Run with the Wind 2016 special guest MC Andrew Reid

Bondi Lifeguard Andrew "Reidy" Reid photographed at Bondi Beach.

This year $5,000, or more if the fun run has more than 1,000 runners above the age of 12, from the sale of race tickets and merchandise go towards supporting the Bungendore Community Foundation, Tarago Country Women’s Association and volunteers of local community organisations. Since 2012, $17,500 have been shared between the Pony Club and Community Foundation in Bungendore, and the Sporting Association, Public School and Landcare Group in Tarago. Meet the celebrity lifesaver from the popular television show Bondi Rescue, Andrew Reid. Andrew will be the MC of Run with the Wind 2016 warming up the competitors who will be faced with the race course at the Woodlawn wind farm.

Visit the event website to register for a 5 km or 10 km race.


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