Newsletter, March 2016

22 February 2016

In mid-February, we had a site visit from University of Canberra engineers and researchers, who wanted to experience a wind farm up close. Thanks to Tayanah and the crew for coming along – we enjoy hosting guests at Capital, and we look forward to seeing the University of Canberra again.

A tweet from the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis:


Renewable Energy Industry

How wind farms boost tourism – stories from around the world

In our experience, visitors to our wind farms are usually impressed by the size of the machines, the engineering that goes into designing, building and operating them and how quiet they are when you’re standing near them. There is a range of research into wind energy, landscapes and tourism as well, and it presents strong evidence that wind farms can boost tourism.

There are quite a few examples of wind farm tourism in Australia – from Crookwell in New South Wales, Woolnorth wind farm tours in Tasmania, Cape Bridgewater and Codrington sightseeing on the coast of Victoria, to Lake Bonney tourist drive in South Australia, with many tourists adding positive reviews onto websites like TripAdvisor.  Many local businesses near these wind farms use wind turbines in advertising and imagery, and tours around local wind farms. We have detailed some instances of wind farms being advertised as tourist attractions by local councils and tourism organisations in a new blog post on our website, here.


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