Woakwine Wind Farm development approval

12 June 2012

Infigen Energy is pleased to advise that the Woakwine Wind Farm in south east South Australia received development consent last week. The project was assessed by three independent development assessment panels representing Wattle Range, Robe and Kingston District councils.

Project overview

The proposed Woakwine Wind Farm comprises 124 wind turbines, a substation, tracks, cabling and associated wind farm infrastructure.

The proposed project continues along the same ridgeline as the Lake Bonney Wind Farm and forms an important part of Infigen Energy’s development pipeline. There are approximately 45 landowners involved that can benefit from sustainable and drought-proof income when the project proceeds.

The Woakwine Wind Farm will provide significant environmental benefits through supplying clean renewable energy and avoiding the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Infigen Energy is also committed to engage and involve the broader community in both direct and indirect project opportunities.

Local economy boost

A host landowner and farmer Robin Ling welcomed the ancillary benefits that the wind farm can bring to the local area such as upgrades to the electricity infrastructure. “The new substation will increase access to more electricity from the network to farmers that currently rely on costly diesel generators. This is good news for regional wineries and dairies, who can modernise their farming equipment,” he said.

The construction of the project is expected to create approximately 150 jobs and the operation of the wind farm approximately another 18 ongoing jobs.

Co-operation with community

Over the last four years Infigen Energy has undertaken a comprehensive environmental assessment to help define the final layout for the project. A significant number of alterations were made to the project to account for environmental constraints and to address concerns highlighted through the community consultation process. These included the removal of wind turbines in the vicinity of Cape Jaffa, the Mt Hope ridgeline, the Rendelsham community and individual properties.

“Using the onsite wind monitoring equipment and our experience at Lake Bonney, we were able to design a layout that is strategically positioned to harness the stronger wind resource, while still maintaining sensitivity to the environmental constraints of the site,” said Frank Boland, development manager at Infigen Energy.

Infigen will continue to progress the remaining elements of the project to ensure a successful development for the community and Infigen.

The approval has demonstrated that both Infigen Energy and South Australia are committed to playing a leading role in meeting Australia’s Renewable Energy Target of 20 percent by 2020.


For further information please contact:
Igor Brandao, Development Manager
Tel +61 2 8031 9900