Clean Energy Council

Infigen is a member of the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Infigen has adopted engagement tools from the CEC’s Community Engagement Guidelines for Wind Industry, based on framework of the International Association for Public Participation.

Best Practice Guidelines for Implementation of Wind Energy Projects in Australia provides an overview of the development process of wind farms in Australia, including:

  • Identification of stakeholders and approval pathways
  • Site identification
  • Site operations

Infigen’s Run with the Wind fun run was nominated as finalist of the CEC’s Community Engagement Award in 2014 and 2015.

Infigen is also an active supporter of the CEC’s Women in Renewables group. Get in touch here.

Australian Energy Storage Council

Infigen is a member of the Australian Energy Storage Council.


Fiduciary Duty and Climate Change Disclosure

Infigen Energy joined companies and investors sharing a concern that financial markets do not yet take sufficient account of climate-related corporate performance, risks and opportunities relevant to future shareholder value because of a lack of comprehensive and comparable information in “mainstream” corporate reports for the investment community. This information gap undermines the efficiency by which markets are able to allocate capital to its most productive uses over the medium to long term. Read the full statement from the Climate Disclosure Standards Board here.

Climate Initiatives

Infigen aligned its sustainability targets with the climate initiatives of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) ahead of the United Nations’ 21st Climate Change Conference in Paris. These commitments, also known as initiatives of the We Mean Business coalition, are:

  • Commit to greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets that limit global warming to below 2°C
  • Commit to having a strategy in place to procure 100% of electricity from renewable sources
  • Responsible corporate engagement in climate policy
  • Provide climate change information in corporate reports
  • Put a price on carbon

Read more here.

Caring for Climate, UN Global Compact

Infigen is committed to the following climate change goals:

  1. Taking further practical actions to improve continuously the efficiency of energy usage and to reduce the carbon footprint of our services and processes, to set voluntary targets for doing so, and to report publicly and annually on the achievement of those targets in our Communication on Progress-Climate.
  2. Building significant capacity within Infigen to understand fully the implications of climate change for our business and to develop a coherent business strategy for minimising risks and identifying opportunities.
  3. Engaging more actively with our own national government, inter-governmental organisations and civil society to develop policies and measures to provide an enabling framework for business to contribute effectively to building a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy.
  4. Continuing to work collaboratively with other enterprises both nationally and sectorally, and along our value-chains, to set standards and take joint initiatives aimed at reducing climate risks, assisting with adaptation to climate change and enhancing climate-related opportunities.
  5. Becoming an active business champion for rapid and extensive climate action, working with our peers, employees, customers, investors and the broader public.

Infigen commits to the Caring for Climate Leadership Statement – undertake efforts to address climate change and will publicly report on their progress – in the spirit of continuous improvement.

View confirmation of the endorsement letter here.

Cityswitch program

Infigen joined the CitySwitch Green Office program, through which Infigen committed to reduce its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. As a CitySwitch Green Office Program signatory, Infigen has volunteered to achieve a NABERS Energy tenancy rating of five stars before May 2016, and committed to procuring 100% of its office electricity consumption from renewable sources. Infigen was nominated as finalist for the 2015 CitySwitch New Comer of the Year Award.