Site Visits

Site visits are organised for visitors to tour Infigen’s wind farms. During the site visits, visitors are able to chat to the Infigen team about how the wind farm is managed, learn about the composition of turbines and how wind power is turned into electricity.


To request a private visit to the wind farm, please call at +61 (02) 8031 9900 or email us at

Zero Harm Site Visit Rules

Infigen’s policy is zero harm – our highest priority is to the health and safety of its people and facilities, and to the sustainability of the environment. Once on site, we request that all visitors attend a safety and environment briefing and follow the instructions of the Infigen representative at all times. This way, everyone can ensure an enjoyable visit.

Clothing and shoes – Please wear long-sleeved shirts and long trousers, fully enclosed sturdy footwear.

Sunburn – Please wear sunscreen to avoid any skin damage.

Travelling – Whilst driving to and from the wind farm, please be seated at all times.

Snake bites – Please stay within the designated area at all times and keep away from the grass. We have a snake bite kit available in the site vehicle and on site.

Slips, trips and falls – Please take care when moving on the site. Should an injury occur, we have a first aid kit available on site and in the site vehicle.

Falling items – Only visitors wearing hard hats can enter the area within 30 metres of the turbine or in the turbine. No overhead works will take place in the designated area for tours.

Getting lost – The tour will take place on private property with the landowner’s permission. Please stay within the designated tour area at all times, and do not wander off from the tour group.

Evacuation – Should an unexpected emergency occur, please gather at the emergency point, which is situated by the bus area. Please remain with your group and tour guide and prepare to leave site if necessary.

Driving conditions – Roads will be checked for any damage and durability before the site visit. Only licensed designated drivers are used for driving visitors to the site. Visiting vehicles will be advised at the site entrance that the speed limit on site is 40 km/h.

Lightning storm and strong winds – In case of a lightning storm or a strong wind (> 20 m/s), it is not recommended to continue with the site visit as planned.

Protecting the environment – Any type of littering is prohibited on site, including scraps of paper, drink bottles, packaging or any other type of rubbish.

Flora and fauna – No animals may be brought on site. Care should be taken to protect and observe native fauna whilst on site.

Drugs and alcohol – Consumption of alcohol and illegal substances is prohibited on site.

Smoking – There is no smoking on site except for designated areas.

Firearms and explosives – Bringing any kind of firearms and explosives is forbidden on site.

Don’t forget to bring your camera for some great shots!