Aerial technology providing a bird’s eye view of Bodangora

19 February 2018

Using drone technology, aerial photographer Jedd Manning is capturing a unique aspect of Bodangora Wind Farm’s development.

With the Infigen Energy project now in full swing, Jedd has been creating a visual anthology of its progress.

“The best part of doing work for Bodangora Wind Farm is creating the unique perspective that would otherwise go unnoticed in such projects,” he explained.

“This aerial view helps Infigen and its main civil works contractor Civil & Allied Technical Construction (CATCON) to assess and monitor the construction process.”

Jedd has been working in aerial photography since purchasing a GoPro camera.

“I realised that drones were the next best thing and a unique perspective to add to my videos,” he said.

With four years’ experience and 70 flight hours under his belt, Jedd made the transition from hobbyist to professional two years ago.

“It was about realising the need for aerial operators in the Central West NSW,” he said.

Seeing the potential for aerial video and photography, Jedd also does traditional photography and video, aerial asset inspections as well as video editing.

“I have had great interest in my services from real estate, site development, weddings, independent art projects, short films, regional shows, and rodeos and large television corporations including Nine network programs.”

There are restrictions on his aerial photography work and Jedd says that drone operators need to follow certain regulations set by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

“Everyone who owns any drone or model aircraft of any size is required to follow CASA’s rules and regulations,” he explained.

“Some of these involve only operating the aircraft below 120 metres (400 feet), not flying within 30 metres of people, buildings, vehicles or critical infrastructure or within 5.5 kilometres of a controlled aerodrome.”

Jedd believes that this style of work will become more common in the future.

“Drones are the way of the future for many industries. There is a growing demand for them everyday in a large array of industries and uses.”

And for Bodangora Wind Farm, that means an exciting visual record of the project’s development.