Bodangora fire brigade to benefit from donation

17 May 2018


As the Indian summer continues, members of the Bodangora Fire Brigade can take relief from a donation of equipment, which will ease their task of fighting fires.

The group, which is part of the Orana Rural Fire Service, has received sponsorship from Infigen Energy to purchase a vehicle-fitted refrigerator along with three fireground radio handsets.

Dubbo Support Brigade (Wellington 6) volunteer firefighter Craig Hughes, who also works at Infigen’s Bodangora Wind Farm, said that the funding means a lot to those who risk “life and limb” in the field each and every fire season.

“The fridge will be fitted in the vehicle of group captain Peter Conn and means that the first responder will have cold water for the firefighters,” he explained.

“The radio system will allow for truck-to-truck communication without clogging up other channels.”

“Handheld radios can be used in the field which will give us better links between communications and the fireground.”

Employees working on the wind farm were also quick to react to a recent grass fire approximately 10 km south-west of the wind farm, with water trucks from the site travelling to help extinguish the blaze. As it was a warm, windy day, the outcome could have been much worse.

“The Rural Fire Service was grateful for the wind farm offering to use three of their water trucks,” said Mr Hughes.

“We were thankful that the wind farm could spare their time and trucks to come and help. It meant a very quick turnaround for putting out the fire,” said Mr Hughes.

As part of a volunteer service, Mr Hughes said that every bit of assistance is welcomed. “It’s one of those volunteer things that you do to help the community. The support of Infigen Energy will be very well-spent and appreciated by a lot of people. It will go a long way.”