Bodangora wind farm turbine components arrive in Australia

11 December 2017

The arrival of turbine components in Australia is an important milestone in the development of the Bodangora wind farm near Wellington, NSW.

The first shipment arrived in Newcastle last week. The turbine components will be transported for over 390 km from the Port of Newcastle to Bodangora.

Some of the turbine tower base rings will be transported to Bodangora in December 2017, while delivery of other turbine components will begin in January 2018. Most of the turbine components will be transported from February through to May 2018.

Due to the sheer size of the turbine components, the loads will be transported individually using specially designed trucks. Each truck will be accompanied by escort vehicles as additional safety measures, and some oversized deliveries will also have police escorts.

All main turbine deliveries will arrive at site via the Castlereagh highway, Goolma road, before turning onto Gillinghall road and on the wind farm site access roads.

The precise timing of deliveries to Bodangora may change due to traffic conditions and other external factors. Most deliveries are scheduled to occur daily (Monday to Saturday), and planned to arrive at Gillinghall road between 10 am and 2 pm.

The blades are 63.7 metres long and weigh over 15 tonnes each. The nacelle, which houses the turbine’s generating components, weighs 96 tonnes. It will take approximately 9-10 trucks to deliver each turbine.

The turbine parts are shipped from all over the world: blades from Turkey and China, towers from Malaysia, and nacelles from Germany.

When completed, the wind farm will comprise a total of 33 turbines, and will generate 361 gigawatt hours – enough energy to power 49,000 homes.

The first round of the Bodangora wind farm Community Benefit Fund received 24 applications from not for profit organisations. Successful projects will receive up to $10,000, once selected this week by the Bodangora Community Consultative Committee and the Fund Assessment Panel established by the Dubbo Regional Council.


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Bodangora wind farm turbine components arrive in Australia