Council staff take a tour of wind farm

6 April 2018

Representatives of Dubbo Regional Council have made a visit to Bodangora Wind Farm to view the site during its construction phase.

The area has become a hive of activity with base preparation followed by turbine delivery which commenced last month.

Whilst on site, Council’s General Manager Michael McMahon and directors Chris Devitt and Murray Wood were able to view installation of a nacelle and arrival of blades which are both components of the wind turbines.

The group was fortunate to witness a project in the making that will make history as the first of its kind in the Wellington area, paving the way for other renewable energy farms.

Dubbo Regional Council is also working with wind farm owner Infigen Energy to distribute a Community Benefit Fund, which will go towards powering the local community through financial support for the life of the wind farm.

For enquiries regarding turbine delivery and construction at the site, please contact CATCON 1800 996 955 during business hours or Infigen Energy after hours at 1800 917 372.