Newsletter, December 2015

24 November 2015

Renewable Energy Industry

Paris conference on climate change coming up

There will be an increased focus on climate change and renewable energy in the media, in early December, due to the 21st ‘Conference of Parties’ (COP21) taking place in Paris this year. The event will feature 750+ attendees, including Infigen CEO Miles George, who will be taking part in the conference as part of his role as chair of the Clean Energy Council.

Capital Renewable Energy Precinct update

Generation at Woodlawn, Capital and Capital East solar farm continue as per normal. During the heatwave in mid-November, Capital, Woodlawn and Capital East solar farm contributed to meeting electricity demand in the state, with some brief restrictions placed on output due to thermal limitations on the electricity network.

During the day of the 20th, on which many parts of Australia saw temperatures higher than 40°C, wind energy contributed, on average, 6% throughout the day.

Updates from Infigen Energy

Development Pipeline: Capital 2 Wind Farm and Capital Solar Farm

There are no key events to announce regarding Infigen’s Capital 2 wind and Capital solar development projects proposed in the Capital Renewable Energy Precinct. Other Infigen’s development projects in NSW are the 90-100 megawatt Bodangora and 100-115 megawatt Flyers Creek wind farms, and the 50 megawatt Manildra and 12 megawatt Bogan River solar farms.

Infigen Annual General Meeting

Generation Infigen held its annual general meeting on the 13th of November, 2015. You can read extracts of a speech delivered by Miles George, Infigen CEO, at this link: Miles said: “Governments who embrace the disruption to outdated models of generating and consuming electricity will receive backing from a business community and population who want to take action on climate change. Whatever the mix of carbon emission reduction policies that Australia adopts to achieve its 2015 commitments, the costs for our economy and consumers will be lessened with united and unwavering political support.”


If you have any questions about the Capital or Woodlawn wind farms, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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