National Science Week

National Science Week 2013, Australia

National Science Week is an annual celebration of science in Australia. National Science Week goes from 10-18 August in 2013 and with tonnes of Science Week happenings around that time. Find out more at

Australian Museum Science Festival 2013, Sydney

The Australian Museum has a reputation for inspiring budding scientists as well as engaging students of all levels. Join them this August during the National Science Week 2013 and witness exhibits, shows, workshops, talks and hands-on science activities for both primary and secondary school students. Find out more at

Location of Australian Museum
6 College St
Sydney NSW 2010
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Australia’s Energy System Can Toast Destroy Civilisation?

Making morning toast requires about 0.05 kilowatt hours of electricity. Is all this bread sending Australia to pollution-ridden destruction, or can we eat our toast in peace knowing that wind and solar energy could power the crunchy morning delight for the whole of Australia?

If every Australian switched on their toasters at once, it would require just over 1 gigawatts of power generation. With over 2.5 gigawatts of capacity installed in wind farms and over 2.4 gigawatts of solar photovoltaic capacity installed on rooftops, this should not be a problem. But what if the wind stopped blowing and the sun stopped shining?

Ketan Joshi answers these toasty questions at the Australian Museum’s Science Festival in Sydney on Saturday, 10 August at 10am and from 13-15 August throughout the day. Ketan will be giving talks about Australia’s energy system, transformation from the way we use electricity in modern homes and offices, and about predictability of electricity comparing renewable energy resources with energy sources extracted from below the ground.

Who is Ketan Joshi?


Having worked as operator at Infigen’s 24 x 7 Operations Control Centre for over two years, Ketan moved into a role of Research and Communications Officer at Infigen Energy in March 2013. Ketan has obsessions with data, writing and cats. Ketan presented at the Clean Energy Council’s Clean Energy Week 2013 and is a contributor to Renew Economy and Climate Spectator. His talk on ‘wind turbine syndrome’ was recently broadcast on ABC Radio National.