Open Days

What is a Wind Farm open day

Employees from Infigen’s operations, development and construction teams will host the open days. They will explain how the wind and solar farms are managed, about the composition of turbines and solar panels and how wind and solar energy is transformed into electricity. Site technicians will also be on hand to explain how the turbines work. Please register here if you wish to be notified of open days at Infigen’s wind farms.

Run with the Wind

Run with the Wind is a community fun run and an open day held amongst the wind turbines at the Woodlawn wind farm near Tarago, New South Wales. Net proceeds from ticket sales go to the local community groups and volunteers. The 2018 Run with the Wind is held on the National Wind Farm Open Day on Sunday, 21 October 2018. To find out more or register, visit


For any further enquiries regarding the events, please call at +61 (02) 8031 9900 or email us at