Customer Offerings

We provide Australian businesses with customer centric green energy solutions.

Our customers are our partners. We tailor our products to the specific needs of your business and we provide dedicated relationship managers, focused on serving your evolving needs.

Our customers include manufacturers, food and beverage processors, telecommunications providers, building and construction companies, universities, local councils, EV charging stations and utilities and other commercial enterprises.

What makes Iberdrola Australia different?

Service Culture

Our customers have personal relationship managers whose focus is customer service and satisfaction.

They provide prompt responses to any enquiries and can help you understand emerging trends in electricity and carbon offset markets.

Tailored Products

All of our product offers are specifically designed to meet customer needs.

We work with you to find the best solution for your business' electricity or carbon offset needs.

Aligned with your long term goals

We are a specialist renewable energy retailer focused on sustainability across our business.

Our philosophy is that a fair customer contract positions both us and our customers for shared success.

1. Business Electricity

We seek to understand your business so that we can provide customised energy solutions.

Our electricity contracts are priced based on the specific demands of your business, taking into account the location of your sites and the shape of your load.

We price each customer individually, offering competitive prices and a personalised customer service experience.

2. 100% GreenPower

Want to reach your sustainability targets? We are a GreenPower Provider with accredited products. Our owned and contracted portfolio of wind and solar farms produce GreenPower-accredited LGCs. 

Want to get there gradually? We will tailor the arrangement to match your targets over time. 

3. Power Purchase Agreements

We offer our customers run of plant Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) tied to specific renewable projects. This product provides customers with low cost renewable energy. Due to the intermittency risks associated with a traditional PPA, these products are generally for large and sophisticated electricity customers. These provide customers with fixed priced renewable energy.

4. Green Products

Targeting Net Zero? Looking to offset emissions beyond your electricity consumption? We can help you procure a portfolio of credible domestic and international carbon offsets to address any part of your emission footprint.

5. Green the Team

At Iberdrola Australia, we are leading Australia to a clean energy future. Our staff believe deeply in what we’re doing, that’s why 79% of us have opted into our Green the Team program.

Green the Team enables staff to offset their personal carbon emissions at favourable prices to those available from most retailers without switching retailer. 

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