Cherry Tree Wind Farm - Interim Planning Decision

Infigen Energy notes that the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal released an interim decision yesterday in relation to Infigen’s proposed Cherry Tree wind farm project near Seymour in Victoria.

Infigen is pleased to report the Tribunal has ruled in favour of the Cherry Tree wind farm on all ecological, noise and amenity considerations. We were particularly pleased that the Tribunal found:

  • the impacts on visual amenity or local flora and fauna are acceptable,
  • the wind farm will not give rise to problems relating to bushfire, salinity, erosion or aviation, and
  • the wind farm will comply with the prescribed noise standard.

Despite the fact that all of these matters have been found in favour of the Cherry Tree wind farm, the Tribunal has adjourned the application for up to six months in order to allow the parties to present further evidence which correlates health impacts alleged to be caused by wind turbines with the distance the person impacted lives from the turbines.

During this time period, studies by the National Health and Medical Research Council and Environment Protection Authority of South Australia may be concluded.

Infigen Energy also notes the Tribunal stated in their decision that the opponents were “unable to refer the Tribunal to any judgment or decision of an environmental court or tribunal which has found that there is a causal link between emissions from a wind farm and adverse health effects on nearby residents”.




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