Infigen Energy Welcomes RET Review

nfigen Energy Welcomes RET Review

19 December 2012

Leading renewable energy business, Infigen Energy (ASX: IFN) has congratulated the Climate Change Authority (CCA) on the final report of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) Review released today.

Infigen Energy appreciates the comprehensive review undertaken by the CCA in assessing the merits of each submission and producing recommendations that are designed to provide increased regulatory predictability critical for the renewable energy industry in Australia.

Infigen Energy endorses the key recommendations of the CCA report. In particular, the CCA’s endorsement of a continued fixed GWh target for large scale projects is essential for the scheme to meet its objectives to grow renewable energy investment at least cost.

The CCA has noted that the scheme is delivering the worthwhile benefits intended, whilst its independent modelling confirms that the total cost of the RET scheme to electricity consumers is very modest at $12-$64 per annum, depending upon assumptions used.

Infigen Energy’s Managing Director Miles George said, “Infigen congratulates the CCA on its deliberations and applauds its recommendations that deliver increased policy predictability for the renewable energy industry.”




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