Media Release: Cherry Tree Wind Farm Development Approval

Media Release: Cherry Tree Wind Farm Development Approval

26 November 2013

Infigen Energy is pleased to advise that the Cherry Tree Wind Farm near Seymour in Victoria, Australia, received development consent today. The project was assessed by the Mitchell Shire Council, and the final determination was granted by Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Infigen is pleased to report the Tribunal has ruled in favour of the Cherry Tree Wind Farm on all ecological, noise and amenity considerations. We were particularly pleased that the Tribunal found:

the impacts on visual amenity or local flora and fauna are acceptable,
the wind farm will not give rise to problems relating to bushfire, salinity, erosion or aviation, and
the wind farm will comply with the prescribed noise standard.

Project Overview

The proposed Cherry Tree Wind Farm comprises up to 16 wind turbines (approximately 50 MW installed capacity) and is located approximately 15 km south east of the Seymour township.

Participating landowners can benefit from a sustainable income stream, which can assist with drought-proofing their farms.

The Cherry Tree Wind Farm will generate enough pollution-free energy to power approximately 27,500 typical Victorian homes.

Construction of the wind farm is expected to create approximately 90 jobs and another 4 ongoing jobs during commercial operation.

The Approval

The Cherry Tree Wind Farm will comply with the guidelines set out by the Victorian Department of Transport, Planning and Infrastructure, and in doing so will meet some of the most stringent planning requirements in the world.

The Tribunal stated in its decision that the opponents were “unable to refer the Tribunal to any judgment or decision of an environmental court or tribunal which has found that there is a causal link between emissions from a wind farm and adverse health effects on nearby residents”.

The tribunal also cited the National Health and Medical Research Council, NSW Health and the Victorian Department of Health in support of their decision, in addition to reaffirming the fact that “The current state of scientific opinion is that there is no causal link of a physiological nature between these effects and the turbine[s]”.

Infigen Energy is satisfied that all other conditions of consent can be complied with.

Support of the Community

Over the last four years Infigen Energy has undertaken a comprehensive environmental assessment to help define the final layout for the project, held community information forums and arranged a tour at the Hepburn community wind farm for the prospective wind farm neighbours.

“We continually seek to work constructively with the communities in which we operate and are pleased that the vast majority of the local community, including the environmental group BEAM, are supportive of this important project,” said Frank Boland, Senior Development Manager at Infigen Energy.

Infigen Energy will continue to progress the remaining elements of the project.




You can view the PDF Media Release here.

For further information please contact:
Frank Boland, Senior Development Manager
Tel +61 2 8031 9900

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