Security holder information

Security holder Information

Infigen security holders receive a Distribution Statement each time Infigen pays a distribution. Where Infigen pays a distribution in respect of a financial year, Infigen Securityholders will also receive an annual taxation statement for that year.

In addition, Infigen prepares a Taxation Statement Guide once a year. The purpose of the Guide is to provide security holders in Infigen with general information regarding the tax implications arising from the receipt of the relevant year’s distributions from Infigen and the taxation consequences of disposing of their investment in Infigen.

Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Participation in the Infigen Energy Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) for a distribution gives rise to two separate transactions for income tax purposes; firstly, the receipt of a distribution and secondly, a subscription for new stapled securities.

The tax implications associated with receiving the distribution as described above are relevant in respect of the first transaction.

With respect to the issue of new stapled securities, participants in the DRP are taken to have acquired their securities on the date of their issue. The amount paid for the acquisition of the securities (which will become the cost base of the securities for tax purposes) is taken to be the amount of the distributions that would otherwise have been paid to the security holder.