Tax Information

Capital Gains Tax

Following the stapling restructure implemented on 22 November 2018, as a security holder in Infigen Energy (ASX: IFN), you own shares in an Australian company, Infigen Energy Limited (IEL) and units in a trust which is an Australian registered scheme, Infigen Energy Trust (IET). Each share in IEL and each unit in IET remain separate assets for Australian capital gains tax purposes.

To calculate your cost base for each separate capital gains tax asset, you will need to split the acquisition cost of each stapled security between the three assets. This split needs to be done on a reasonable basis. While it is for you to decide how to split the acquisition cost of your stapled securities you might decide to use the relative proportion of net assets of IEL and IET.

Click here for information about calculating your cost base for Australian capital gains tax purposes.

Non-Tax Residents

Non-Tax Residents are advised to obtain their own tax advice in relation Capital Gains Tax status and treatment.

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