Flyers Creek Wind Farm

145 MW

Installed Capacity

450 GWhr

~ Output per year


Number of homes powered

Flyers Creek Wind Farm is a 145MW wind project located near Orange in central-west New South Wales (NSW). The project will generate approximately 450 gigawatt hours of electricity per year, equivalent to powering more than 80,000 Australian households, and avoiding over 333,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. 

Construction works commenced in March 2022. The wind farm will include the installation of 38 wind turbines and related balance of plant. The project will create 230 jobs during construction, and an estimated 6-8 permanent regional jobs throughout its operational life. A Community Benefit Fund will also be established and will receive its first contribution with the start of construction. The Fund will be administered by Blayney Shire Council. 


A Community Consultation Committee for the Flyers Creek Wind Farm was established in 2012.  The Committee is made up of local representatives and meets quarterly to provide local advice to Iberdrola Australia. Meeting minutes can be found under Project documents below.


Iberdrola Australia has established a community benefit fund which is administered by Blayney Shire Council. We will make six-monthly contributions to the fund for the next 25 years.


Out of hours work – November 2022 – March 2023

Working hours for the construction of the Flyers Creek Wind Farm are generally restricted to the standard construction hours of 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm Saturday, with no work on Sundays and public holidays.  Due to prolonged wet weather and the long-term forecast being so wet, Iberdrola and GLC are planning for some construction activities on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. This will allow earthworks to progress on weekends when the weather is favourable and assist with the construction of all-weather access tracks and timely completion of the project.

The out of hours work will be Saturdays from 1- 6 pm and Sundays 8 – 5pm, commencing early November and extending to March 2023.  The work will involve the movement and excavation of spoil between each of the turbine locations using excavators, side tippers, dump trucks, graders, lights vehicles and ancillary equipment such as hand tools. There will be no activities that result in impulsive or tonal noise emissions (rock breaking, rock hammering, pile driving), blasting activities, or highly intrusive noise generating activities.

On Saturday afternoons the work will include infrequent heavy vehicle truck movements along Errowanbang Road for importation of suitable capping material to each of the collector groups. The out of hours work will not involve heavy vehicle truck movements on public roads on Sundays.  Please note that that turbine foundation concrete blinding pours may be carried out on Saturday afternoons, but the main turbine foundation concrete pours will be carried out Monday – Friday only.   

Project documents

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