Development Pipeline

Bogan River Solar Farm

The proposed Bogan River solar farm in New South Wales has a development approval and an expected capacity of approximately 12 MW.

Project application documents are available to view on the website of the NSW Department of Planning & Environment.

Capital Solar Farm

Infigen was granted planning approval for the proposed Capital solar farm by New South Wales Department of Planning in December 2010. The proposed solar photovoltaic plant will occupy an area of approximately 100 hectares, and will have a generating capacity of up to 50 megawatts.

The Capital solar farm will be clean, renewable and sustainable and will emit zero greenhouse gases. Based on a proposed operating capacity of up to 50 MW, the Capital solar farm will generate enough renewable energy to power up to 10,000 homes each year.

Project application documents are available to view on the website of the NSW Department of Planning & Environment.

EPBC Referral for Capital Solar Farm

Latest updates about the proposed solar farm are available here.

Walkaway 2 Solar Farm

The proposed Walkaway 2 solar farm is located near the proposed Walkaway 2 and 3 wind farm developments. The project has an installed capacity of up to 45 megawatts. The project received planning approval for the solar farm in July 2016. Infigen has a 32% equity interest.

Other Solar Farm Developments in the Pipeline

The following solar PV projects have a planning application in progress:

  • Bluff solar farm (~100 MW) in Queensland
  • Bowen solar farm (30-40 MW) in Queensland

The following contains the links to the notice and relevant
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Notice and Invitation to Comment

Preliminary Documentation

  • Cloncurry solar farm (30 MW) in Queensland