Code of Conduct

Infigen is committed to being a good corporate citizen that models high standards of corporate and individual behaviour. This Code of Conduct (the Code) helps us to achieve that goal, by guiding our actions to align with Infigen’s stated values in the delivery of our stakeholder commitments.

Infigen’s principal stakeholder commitments are:

To generate value for our security holders by producing and trading clean energy in the Australian market.

To understand and meet the needs of our customers by providing affordable and reliable energy products and services that respond to their requirements and provide value for money.

To provide a safe, enjoyable, rewarding and inclusive work environment for all employees.

To foster respectful, responsive and enduring relationships with all our stakeholders.

Infigen expects all directors, employees and contractors and consultants to:

  1. Promote the achievement of a “Zero Harm” safety culture
  2. Demonstrate a high standard of performance focused on the creation of value for our security holders and managing the risks that arise in our business
  3. Act with honesty and integrity in all our dealings with internal and external stakeholders
  4. Comply fully with all relevant domestic and international laws and regulations, Infigen’s contractual obligations and Infigen’s policies and procedures
  5. Promptly and expeditiously report any actual or potential breaches of the law, regulation, contractual obligations or Infigen’s policies and procedures or developments that may adversely affect Infigen’s business interests, immediately

The Infigen Boards have endorsed this Code as part of Infigen’s corporate governance framework. All directors, employees, contractors and consultants of the Infigen group are required to comply fully with both the spirit and the letter of this Code, as well as applicable laws, obligations and policies.

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