Communications Policy

Infigen is committed to responsible corporate governance including ensuring appropriate communication with all stakeholders.

The purpose of this policy is to:
  • promote effective communication with all stakeholders associated with Infigen, including securityholders, landowners, customers, employees, analysts/brokers, contractors, product and service providers, financiers, regulators, development planning authorities, Federal and State Members of Parliament, and Local Government authorities;
  • provide guidance to Directors, officers, employees, agents and other contractors of Infigen when communicating with stakeholders;
  • provide stakeholders with confidence in Infigen’s communication processes; and
  • protect the integrity and reputation of Infigen.

Infigen communicates extensively with market participants through a variety of channels including a calendar of regular disclosures, briefing sessions, ASX releases, the Annual General Meeting and an up-to-date website.

The Managing Director has authorised media spokespersons to address financial, operational, development and regulatory enquiries from national, state, regional and local media.

Communication with other stakeholders is conducted at a functional and/or senior manager level.

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