Community Engagement Policy

Infigen aims to sustain the quality of life and wellbeing of individuals and communities touched by its activities through:

1. Keeping an open dialogue with our communities

Our aim is to build strong relationships through transparent communication with communities during all aspects of development, construction and operations, whilst respecting the diverse cultures, views and needs of these communities.
Infigen has established efficient, non-threatening, fair and accessible mechanisms for dealing with any concerns raised by the community. These are set out in the conditions of planning approval for operating assets and in the comprehensive consultation process for development projects.

2. Fostering local relationships

Infigen aims to foster lasting relationships with non‑profit organisations by supporting local community initiatives, however Infigen does not normally sponsor any partisan political activities or religious groups.

3. Seeking to source locally

Infigen will seek to source materials and services from locally based suppliers to support the local economy, enhance community engagement, and to reduce its impact on the environment from transportation.

4. Raising awareness about renewable energy

Infigen promotes renewable energy using factual and scientific data, and advocates for regulation that delivers increased policy predictability for the renewable energy industry. Infigen is a member of the Clean Energy Council and the Australian Energy Storage Council.

5. Community Engagement Register

Infigen has developed a Community Engagement Register to monitor and track financial and other support that Infigen provides to local communities.

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