The Alinta Wind Farm, commonly known as the Walkaway Wind Farm, is located in the central west region of Western Australia, near the town of Walkaway, approximately 30 km south east of Geraldton and 12 km inland from the Indian Ocean.

The area surrounding Geraldton is one of the windiest regions in Australia. Wind speeds average 20-25 km/h during the cooler months and 25-35 km/h from October to March; a result of the strong seasonal sea breeze coupled with a consistent easterly breeze in the morning – perfect ingredients for wind power.

Alinta wind farm is located in open farming country, allowing for optimum spacing of turbines. There are minimal obstructions in the landscape and smooth topography, which is beneficial to the output of the wind farm. Wind farming is compatible with agricultural activities such as stock grazing and broad acre crops. The wind turbines at Alinta wind farm occupy less than one per cent of farm land within the site.

Construction of Alinta began in late 2004, with the wind farm becoming fully operational in January 2006.

Alinta Wind Farm

Total capacity
89.1 MW
Alinta Sales Pty and AGL Electricity Limited
Turbine manufacturer
Grid operator
Western Power
Grid connection voltage
132 kV transmission line from Geraldton to Mungarra


Number of turbines
Tower height
80 metres – hub height
Rotor diameter
82 metres
Start-up wind speed
14 km/h (4 m/s)
Maximum power wind speed
36 km/h (10 m/s)
Cut-off wind speed
71.5 km/h (20 m/s)
Rotor speed
14.4 rpm (one rotation every 4 seconds)
Blade length
40 metres
Blade material


Equivalent homes supplied
64,000 homes/year
Greenhouse gas savings
300,000 tonnes/year

Economic Development

Jobs during construction
Ongoing jobs at the wind farm