Alinta Wind Farm

89.1 MW

Nameplate capacity


Number of turbines


Number of homes powered

Alinta Wind Farm (also referred to as Walkaway Wind Farm) is located in the central west region of Western Australia, near the town of Walkaway, approximately 30 km south east of Geraldton and 12 km inland from the Indian Ocean.

The area surrounding Geraldton is one of the windiest regions in Australia. Wind speeds average 20-25 km/h during the cooler months and 25-35 km/h from October to March.

The wind turbines at Alinta Wind Farm occupy less than one per cent of farm land within the site, allowing stock grazing and broad acreage cropping to continue.


The 89.1 MW wind farm comprises 54 Vestas V82 wind turbines and has been operating since 2006. The wind farm generates enough renewable energy to power approximately 64,000 homes each year.

Alinta Wind Farm was developed, constructed and continues to be operated by Infigen.

The Alinta Wind Farm Community Fund allocates $15,000 of community funding each year. The Alinta Wind Farm Community Fund Committee reviews and approves sponsorship applications four times a year.

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